About Us

The simple, natural ingredients in Alexander's Rash Ease combine to make an effective topical barrier with excellent emollient qualities. The soft color and pleasant fragrance are attributable to a naturally occurring plant extract. Like other brands, Alexander's Rash Ease contains Zinc Oxide but we have reduced the concentration while retaining the therapeutic benefits of elemental Zinc by adding a Zinc emollient. In doing so, Alexander's Rash Ease becomes more cream like, making it easy to apply and to remove, minimizing any discomfort.


Alexander's Rash Ease cream is manufactured in a federally certified facility using ingredients meeting recognized international standards. All procedures are monitored and comply with stringent controls.


The naturally occurring ingredients combine to make an effective and therapeutic barrier helping to prevent and treat groin rash. Please try it! We know you will be pleased with the results.


FOUNDER, Alexander's Rash Ease

"My mentor in pharmacy had a formula for a diaper rash cream and as his apprentice I often found myself making up batches of this cream on the dispensary counter top. We used his cream for our own children and with great results.

In time I bought his pharmacy from him and with the purchase came the formula for his cream. When my eldest son became a dad he asked me to make up some of 'that diaper rash cream' we used on him and his siblings when they were little. Again the results were good.

My family began to pressure me to market the cream and so began a four year journey in obtaining approvals from various agencies and modifying the original formula to comply with all the various rules and regulations stipulated by Health Canada. Ultimately we developed 'Alexander's Rash Ease ' cream.

Our formula has been trial tested and sold to the general public with excellent acceptance and results. "